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Resurfacing And Refinishing

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Granite and Marble You Can Trust

Our granite colors offer you a wide selections to more better tell your loved ones story. 

With personal monuments, it’s all about the individual. What granite color best represents their life and life essence? 

With commercial projects, you want to stand out but not be too flashy. Here we want to portray strength and a company facade that will stand longer than all the rest. 

Resurfacing a memorial allows an existing stone to be modified. This saves in cost compared to purchasing a new memorial. When a memorial is resurfaced it is removed from the cemetery and re polished to blank slate. We then re-engrave what the family would like. This is something that can be done when needing to add additional name(s) on a memorial that does not have the current space or if a correction needs to be made.

Cleaning and restoration of a memorial (flat, upright, vault, statues, etc.) brings the memorial back to its original appearance.

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