V. Fontana & Co.

Single Flat Marker

The Single Flat Marker is an elegantly designed memorial crafted by V Fontana & Co. This marker, made from high-quality granite, offers a durable and timeless tribute. It features a sleek, flat surface that provides ample space for personalized engravings such as names, dates, and messages, allowing for a customized memorial experience.

Perfect for those seeking a subtle yet respectful marker, this product integrates seamlessly into any landscape, maintaining a low profile while marking the resting place with dignity. The granite’s robust nature ensures that the marker withstands harsh weather conditions, preserving the legibility and integrity of the engravings over time.

The Single Flat Marker is ideal for individuals and families looking for a simple, classic monument that focuses on personalization without overwhelming the site. It respects the solemnity of the space while offering a lasting legacy that honors the memory of loved ones with simplicity and elegance.

Single Flat Marker

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