V. Fontana & Co.

Paradiso Tablet Upright With Base

The Paradiso Tablet Upright with Base is an exquisite monument that combines elegance and solemnity, showcasing the expert craftsmanship of V Fontana & Co. This piece is crafted from paradiso granite, known for its striking patterns and color variations, giving it a distinctive appearance. The tablet’s upright design, supported by a sturdy base, provides a robust structure that ensures durability and stability in any setting.

This monument’s surface is polished to a high sheen, enhancing the natural colors and making it an eye-catching centerpiece in any memorial garden or cemetery. It offers ample space for inscriptions and personalized engravings, allowing families to commemorate their loved ones in a unique and meaningful way. The Paradiso Tablet Upright with Base is designed to stand the test of time, offering a timeless tribute that honors the memories of those it commemorates.

Brown Tablet Upright With Base

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