V. Fontana & Co.

Companion Faith Winged Monument

The Companion Faith Winged Monument is a captivating and spiritually inspiring piece from V Fontana & Co., crafted to honor and remember loved ones in a profound way. Made from premium quality granite, this monument features beautifully sculpted wings that symbolize protection and faith, creating an aura of tranquility and reverence.

This upright monument stands out with its intricate wing design on both sides, symbolizing the ascent to heaven and the guardian presence of angels. The craftsmanship involved in carving the delicate feather details and the smooth finish of the granite reflects the care and dedication put into each piece. The sturdy base ensures that the monument remains a lasting presence in any setting, providing a place of solace and remembrance for visitors.

Perfect for family estates or individual memorials, the Companion Faith Winged Monument offers not just a marker, but a meaningful sculpture that enhances the solemn beauty of any memorial space. It allows for personalization through engraving, ensuring that each monument is uniquely tailored to celebrate the life and legacy of the departed.

Companion Faith Winged Monument

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