V. Fontana & Co.

Blue Pearl Upright Monument

The Blue Pearl Upright Monument offered by V Fontana & Co. is a stunning and elegant tribute, crafted from the distinctively vibrant Blue Pearl granite. This monument stands out for its lustrous sheen and intricate natural patterns, which shimmer with a bluish hue under the light. Its upright design ensures that it is both visible and imposing, making it a focal point in any memorial setting.

The durable granite construction ensures that this monument withstands the test of time and elements, maintaining its beauty and significance as a lasting tribute to loved ones. It offers ample space for personalized engravings, allowing families to inscribe names, dates, and messages, enhancing the personal connection to the memorial.

This monument is perfect for those who seek a combination of traditional craftsmanship and unique aesthetic appeal in their choice of memorial, ensuring that the legacy of loved ones is honored in a manner as unique as their lives were.

Blue Pearl Upright Monument

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